Magical Children’s Book of the Month for August


Our Magical Children’s Book of the Month for June is The Star Tree, by Catherine Hyde. It was just published last week, on August 4. It’s a shame it wasn’t published earlier so we could actually read it to our little ones on Midsummer Eve, back in June.

“It is midnight on Midsummer’s Eve and Miranda’s nightlight has gone out. She climbs on her rocking horse and makes a wish… And so begins a magical midnight journey with the great white owl, the little red hare, the big white bear, and the giant stag, all the way to the Tree of Constellations, where Miranda plucks one small star. The great white goose takes her safely home, where now the night light glimmers, star-like, as Miranda sleeps. A mysterious, magical picture book with beautiful, dreamlike illustrations.”

The cover art is absolutely stunning, so I’ve been desperately searching around for any hints of what the inside of this children’s book looks like. I’ve found just a few small pics at her official site.

If you enjoy Catherine Hyde’s illustrations, check out some of her work via the True North Gallery online.

You can also read an interview with the artist at Organic Spa Magazine and visit her official Facebook page.

I’d love to read this book by flashlight out in a tent in my backyard, with nieces and nephews cuddled up around me in blankets. Perhaps after a long evening of stargazing, the littlest ones dozing off early and the bigger ones valiantly staying awake with the promise of hot cocoa smuggled out from the house!

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